WHO Collaborating Center

In 1988, WHO designated the
College of Nursing as a joint
research center.

WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training
for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care

In 1988, College of Nursing was designated by WHO as the collaborating
centre for research and training for nursing development in primary
health care in Korea. Since the designation, the Collaborating Centre has
been the leader in global efforts of increasing nursing roles in primary
health care services. The Collaborating Centre was elected as the
Secretary General (Dr. Mo Im Kim) of the Global Network of WHO
Collaborating Centres of Nursing and Midwifery in 1994. As the Secretary
General, the Collaborating Centre coordinated the activities of 28 WHO
collaborating centres around the world for 4 years.

The Collaborating Centre coordinated in translating the teaching materials for the Acute Respiratory Diseases (ARDs) in six different languages and developed the website for health care workers : https://flucommunitycare.org. Currently, the Collaborating Centre is an active member of the core working group of the Asia Pacific Emergency and Disaster Nursing Network (APEDNN). The Centre was the host of the 2011 annual APEDNN meeting. There were 60 delegates from 30 countries in Western Pacific region and Southeastern Asia region.

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The Collaborating Centre has been re-designated by WHO till 2016 under the following Terms of Reference;

  • To collect and disseminate information relevant to nursing role in Health for All (HFA)/Primary Health Care(PHC)
  • To provide technical collaboration in nursing education in the region
  • To monitor national trends in nursing development in HFA/PHC
  • To coordinate, conduct and participate in research projects relevant to nursing development in HFC/PHC
  • To liaise with nursing education institutions within the country as well as with other WHO Collaborating Centres as necessary for the strengthening of nursing
  • development in HFA/PHC.
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